Yi Hua

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I am a research scientist at Epic Games. I obtained my PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Aswin Sankaranarayanan. My research interests are

  • computational photography & imaging
  • physics-based differentiable rendering
  • 3D geometry and calibration
  • adapting painting techniques to photography

Before Ph.D., I received my M.S. in Computer Vision from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016, and B.S. in Computer Science from Rice University in 2015. I interned at Google Daydream in 2018 and Apple Special Project Group in 2016.

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My primary research interest lies in computational photography. During my Ph.D., I worked on camera designs that can significantly minimize their size and bulk -- cameras without lenses. I developed both novel hardware and their reconstruction algorithms to enhance the speed and quality of 3D lensless imaging.

Spatial and Axial Resolution Limits for Mask-based Lensless Cameras
Yi Hua, M. Salman Asif, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan
Optics Express, 2022
paper / video

The first theoretical study that characterizes the achievable spatio-axial resolution of a lensless camera.

Computational Imaging using Ultrasonically-Sculpted Virtual Lenses
Hossein Baktash, Yash Belhe, Matteo G. Scopelliti, Yi Hua, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan, Maysamreza Chamanzar
ICCP, 2022

Ultrasonically-sculpted waveguides can be used as a virtual lens to guide and focus light in transparent and scattering media. However, the images formed by such lenses are subject to a large amount of spatially-varying blur. We propose two computational deblur techinques: one straigh-forward approach using mode 0 measurements, and another more efficient approach based on Radon transform and mode 2 measurements. The computationally deblured images reveals more details from the scene behind scattering media.

A Simple Framework for 3D Lensless Imaging with Programmable Masks
Yucheng Zheng, Yi Hua, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan, M. Salman Asif
ICCV, 2021

A fast reconstruction algorithm for 3D lensless imaging that utilizes structures in the frequency domain; as a result we can learn mask designs that optimize 3D lensless imaging.

SweepCam โ€” Depth-aware Lensless Imaging using Programmable Masks
Yi Hua, Shigeki Nakamura, M. Salman Asif, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan
paper / video / supp

Recovering images from lensless measurements are challenging because the per-pixel depth of the scene needs to be correctly identified to avoid artifacts in the reconstruction. We introduce computational focusing on lensless measurements so that we can reconstruct one depth slice of the scene at a time, and improve the speed as well as the quality of reconstruction.

Lensless Imaging with Spherical Sensors
Yi Hua, Yongyi Zhao, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan
paper / video

Instead of a planar sensor with a rigidly attached modulation element, we propose a lensless imager on a spherical surface, where all pixels share the same angular response profile. The implications of our design is that lensless imaging can be enabled for curved and flexible surfaces, thereby opening up a new set of application domains.

Learning Cross-Modality Matching Function for Trinocular Stereo
in collaboration with Supreeth Achar
at Google Daydream, 2018

Trained a network for cross-spectral (RGB-infared) feature matching for trinocular stereo to improve high-resolution depth estimation of specular objects.

Automatic Calibration System for Occulus Virtual Reality Headset
in collaboration with Eric Huang, Dawei Wang, Michal Perdoch, Hernan Badino, Simon Lucey
at Meta Reality Lab Research (formerly Occulus Research), 2016

Automatic calibration system with robot arm for camera to IMU calibration & platform for comparing headset pose estimation from different sources.

in collaboration with Zhifan Li, Yoko Hongyu Li, Cecilia Zhang
at Hack Rice, 2015   People's Choice Award

An app that let you โ€peelโ€ a color filter from any photo of your choice and apply it to your photo

FoodOnYourPlate We Put Food On Your Plate
in collaboration with Cecilia Zhang
video / code

An android AR menu app that augments empty plates with food.


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